About Us

We believe in eating local and sustainable foods, but not because it is popular now, but because our families have eaten this way since they first arrived in America. For my husband that would be in the 1700's. 
We've always gotten our veggies fruit and meats from our own raising, wild or from our neighbors. 
Living in the country or small towns we've always known our neighbors and where our food came from.
Today that is getting harder to do, some people have not been able to live like we have, although we believe everyone deserves to know where their food is coming from and who raised it.
So we've decided to share our way of life with others, to help us maintain this way of life, to pass it on to our children and grandchildren, as well as to allow others local, sustainable foods.
We're a family of five. Three boys and my husband and I. My husband (Richard) has been taking our boys on multiple fishing trips during the year for about a decade now. They enjoy the time away, as well as the catch. 

Richard is a paramedic by trade, but with that comes a good bit of days off, so this will allow him time to fish both for our freezer and others.
Kyle is Richards right hand man, our youngest son. He's driven a boat since he was young, knows the ins and outs of fishing and has done a good job for years. 
Crystal, that's me, I will be in charge of things like this website, our facebook page, advertising, and delivery of goods

-I can always be contact at 803-367-1245 this is my cell number or at homesteadshiloh@yahoo.com plus check out our facebook page